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With Klaxoon, enjoy a collaboration tool to improve your online meetings. With Klaxoon, enjoy a game-changing collaboration tool for online meetings FIND Spreadsheet Templates! Free Spreadsheet Templates & Excel Templates. Create, Edit, Save, Download Templates for Spreadsheet

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  1. ute templates are normally used for executive, board, or official meetings with many discussion points. This OneNote template includes sections for opening and closing the meeting, pending issues, new business, and approvals, in addition to the basics
  2. A Meeting Minutes Template For 4 Different Scenarios. Below are four types of meetings that find their way into employees' working lives. You'll find a template for each, with examples & email templates. 1. Short & Sweet: The 1:1 Meeting Minutes Template. This type of meeting comes with updates from both parties and leaves with next steps
  3. utes templates (Word, Google docs) 🙌. Remember, the

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  1. utes of meeting template has sections for each topic of discussion, including agenda item, presenter, discussion, conclusions, action items, owners, and deadlines. The clean layout and simple formatting of each meeting
  2. Creating a strong meeting recap email requires brief sentences that provide meaning and important details for the readers. Use the template below to create a meeting recap that properly informs your recipients. Email Subject: Meeting Recap [Current Date] Hello everyone, [Thank everyone for attending the meeting. Express excitement for all items discussed and goals accomplished
  3. utes template is probably the most multi-purpose one of them all. It comes in a neat table with many different sections to add details and extra information about your meeting. Plus, it adds a bit of colour to it. 5. Formal Meeting Minutes . Another option is a template called Formal meeting
  4. Meeting Minutes Templates. Download these 19+ Free Meeting Minutes Templates to assist you in preparing and printing your own Meeting Minutes Forms or Sheets. Meeting are essential part of business life, effective meetings are a way to bring improvement in performance, deciding new plans, tasks and achievement of goals
  5. utes taken at a meeting and learn how to take better
  6. utes tops. I know you're busy! Example 5: Cold email highlighting an issue. Hi [client's first name]

If you're going to invest 30-60 minutes in meeting with someone, you owe it to yourself and whoever you met with to send a follow-up email. Like baseball, network relationship management is a game of inches where the difference between winning and losing is rarely decided by grand gestures; more often than not, the winner is the person who took the small extra steps Formal board meeting minutes template. DATE: Date of the meeting. PRESENT: First and last names of all those present at the meeting. ABSENT: First and last names of Committee members who are unable to attend the meeting. 1. CALL TO ORDER/OPENING REMARKS . The time that the meeting was called to order and by whom. Any opening remarks summarized here. 2. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES FROM (DATE

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111+ FREE MEETING MINUTE Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages. Sample Minutes of Meeting Templates. Meeting Minutes Templates. Now imagine this, you and your team recently got informed that you will be teaming up with the management because your group has done a good job in delivering effective. Use the minutes of meeting template for notetaking during the meeting or to organize your notes before sending them out for approval. Download this meeting minutes template with its matching agenda template for your next meeting. This simple meeting minutes template uses an easy-to-follow format that's perfect for effectively capturing the most important topics from any meeting They can be very long and formal, or very short and simple. Here are a few meeting minutes templates and examples for different occasions. Executive meeting minutes. Executive meetings typically focus on strategy planning and KPI reviews, and their minutes tend to be longer and more formal. Here's an example: Executive meeting minutes template. Customizable follow-up email templates after a meeting. Enough about the DOs and DON'Ts. Let us better give you a real follow-up meeting email sample. This is just an example of what you can write in your messages and how you can write them. You can take them and use them. Just be sure to replace our sample information with what's relevant to you Let's say you need to schedule a meeting or call with someone. Just use one of these Meeting Request email templates to schedule a time with them

At the end of the meeting, if it's not abundantly clear who's responsible for it and you feel equipped to send that email afterward, then raise your hand and say, 'Hey, happy to send out the post-meeting email, unless there's anyone else that feels like it's more appropriate to come from them,' Yurovsky says. So you're volunteering. You're not calling anyone out to put it on them, but you're also giving other people the opportunity to say, 'Oh no, I think it. Program/Area: [Insert program/area with which the project is affiliated] Meeting Purpose: [Insert name or purpose of meeting] Meeting Date: <mm/dd/yyyy> Meeting Time: [Insert time] Meeting Location: [Insert location] Meeting Facilitator: [List names] Attendees: [List names] Minutes Issued By: [Insert name of issuer] Next Steps The basic meeting minutes template This template is quite a useful tool for those who want to have a guide on how to take minutes for an informal meeting as opposed to the strict rules that are applied for a formal meeting. As such you will not encounter any special table-based formatting Attendance at Meeting Name Department/Division E-mail Phone 3. Agenda and Notes, Decisions, Issues Topic Owner Time 4. Action Items Action Owner Due Date 5. Next Meeting (if applicable) Date: (MM/DD/YYYY) Time: Location: Objective: New York University Meeting Template Submitted by: [Name] For assistance in using this template, contact NYU's Office of Learning and Organizational Development. Meeting Minute Template. A meeting minute template includes sections divided according to the requirements of the meeting minutes being noted. The templates are of various types depending upon the type of the meeting, but most include the basic meeting sections comprising of agenda of the meeting, the respective speakers, the decisions made, tasks assigned, deadlines decided, and other details

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How to Turn Your Meeting Into an Email and Save All the Time (Template Included!) by. Alex Cavoulacos. Thomas Barwick/Getty Images . Meetings are expensive. Not because you're charging people to attend (obviously), but because they use people's time; time that could be spent doing lots of other revenue-generating things. In fact, one study found that a recurring meeting of mid-level. Invitation Email Templates. If you're not sure how to adapt the above examples to suit your purposes, don't worry. Fill in one of these two templates—formal or informal—with the details of your meeting, and you're good to go. Template #1: Formal Invitation Create a page using the meeting minutes template and let Confluence handle the rest. Confluence automatically keeps an index of all meeting notes in the sidebar for easy access. You can start a parent page in the page tree and drag and drop relevant meetings pages in whatever order suits your fancy. Don't forget to notify your attendees the page exists so they can refer to it in the future

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  1. e whether or not the group records if a quorum was met, and other items specific to the organization's meeting
  2. There is nothing you can't accomplish with a professional meeting request email. Whether it is directed to a new client, a subordinate or to your boss, a meeting request email is mandatory for further communication. Use these 8 effective templates to write the perfect email. Meeting request email templates for new clients 01Dear [
  3. der template has a meeting update, and a way to let them know if you'd like to link into the meeting virtually. The date and time details are mentioned in the email. It maintains a friendly but professional tone so that recipients know what is required of them
  4. d that these examples are for reference only so you should always personalize and customize them for your needs. Tip: With Spark, you can create email templates on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, and Mac. 1. Follow up email.
  5. utes of meeting (may be a template) and also the whole process around setting up meeting to closure with the action items? Please share if you have any user stories, suggestions or best practices to do above in a better way.

You ask the team to provide their standup updates via email. It may work, but the information is unstructured, gets lost in threads, especially if someone hits reply to all. Daily Standup Meeting Excel Template. I prepared a Daily Standup Meeting Excel Template that your team members can quickly fill up to stay on the same page. It. I believe an email template can be create and is available where one can enter meeting minutes. It should look like a meeting min word template. I would like to know where I can find such a template and how to use it? Email works best for meeting mins rather than saving word documents in a repository Many meetings are held to discuss how the project will proceed and whether it is headed in the right direction. Meeting Minutes are therefore maintained to keep track of all agendas discussed during a meeting. A project meeting minutes helps the project manager, as well as the team, to keep a record of all the changes required to be made and new procedures implemented for the smooth.

While the above board meeting minutes template will serve as a solid starting point, you'll need to customize it to suit your board's exact needs. With an outline to go off of, you'll set your team up for success and ensure all important discussions and motions are recorded in a cohesive, clear, and consistent way from meeting to meeting. While creating a template manually may work, it. A meeting minute template is a professional document and consumed for preparing record of a meeting or conference. This document is prepared for recorded documentation which is used to inform attendees and non attendees about basic purpose of meeting. It describes all crucial objectives of meeting with an elegant style and is a great source of awareness about chairperson and guests of a. These Minutes of Directors' Meeting can be used to record what has happened at a directors' meeting, including which resolutions have been passed.If the directors are passing a resolution without a meeting, use our Directors' Resolution document instead.. These Minutes, once prepared and signed, will constitute the company's formal record of what happened during the meeting Sample Meeting Minutes Template Subject: Sample Meeting Minutes Template Author: Nancy Sylvester, MA, PRP, CPP-T Keywords: Sample Meeting Minutes Template Description: Sample Meeting Minutes Template Last modified by: Gardner, Jessica G. Created Date: 7/11/2014 6:37:00 PM Company: Nancy Sylvester, MA, PRP, CPP-T Other title

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accurate, professional minutes and save time using meeting minutes templates. Whether you've never taken minutes before or you want to take your skills to the next level, How to Write Meeting Minutes will help you master the task. So, the next time you're asked to take minutes at a meeting, you won't be wondering, What do I write down? How do I know what's important? Instead of. Church meeting minutes are the notes taken by a secretary at a church business and operations meeting. They include all topics that are discussed in a church meeting based on the church meeting agenda.The secretary and meeting chair must sign the minutes at the end of the meeting so the secretary can distribute them to all meeting attendees and absentees A meeting minutes template is used to keep the record of all events and discussion occurred during the meeting. These could be as short as it could be possible or as long as these could cover all the important aspects of the meeting. These minutes are saved during the meeting for the participants and serve as a source of information for members who are not unable to attend the meeting. Basic. Sample Meeting Minutes Template. Details. File Format. Word; Free Download. The above-mentioned sample meeting minutes form can be downloaded to help you make one on your own. This template is free to download and easy to use. Another added advantage of using this template is that it is not just limited to the computer, but you can also download it with ease on any electronic device. Our.

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The minutes of a meeting can offer key reminders of what was said the previous week, month or year, depending on the issue and the overall view of the group's members.. Someone can try recording everything that is said, but that gets to be tedious and you sometimes miss the main point. This Meeting Minutes Template provides a format to make the job and finding the information at a later date. Paste the meeting note template below (feel free to make modifications) in to the note. Instructions: Right click this note and 'Duplicate' to make a copy; Rename the title to the meeting topic and delete the text above this line ; Take notes below---Date. Attendees. name; name; Meeting topics. topic; topic; Follow up items. name - action item; Once this is set up, pin the note to the top of. 75+ FREE Sample Meeting Minutes Templates; Construction Meeting Minutes Templates; The Construction Meeting Minutes Template helps you to overcome all the issues related to state legislation, unions, paperwork, increasing buyer demands, and many others by keeping a track of all the issues discussed during the actual meet. It helps you to stay updates and keep a close check all the important. Approve last meeting's minutes Welcome/Introductions 5 min. Board Position Vote 3 min. Michelle Roy - VP of Fundraising. Treasurer's Report 10 min. Cash balance /Taxes/End of year report (Fiscal Year-end 5/31/2015) 2015/16 Budget presentation/vote. Turnover to Kimberley Elms 6/1/2015 - use same email: [email protected] All-Sports Program. Jan 9, 2019 - Instantly Download Sample Meeting Minutes Template, Sample & Example in Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages Docs Format. Available in A4 & US Sizes. Quickly Customize. Easily Editable & Printable

Thank Email After Meeting: Be it, you have your own work or you are an employed professional, attending and being part of meetings is a regular schedule for you. When it comes to meetings there is a code of conduct and professionalism that you have to follow to make a good impression on your client, boss, and immediate teammates. One of the crucial aspects of attending meetings is that you. Take a couple of minutes to check for typos and edit some words for better clarity and flow. Follow-up Accordingly . You should always expect that your email will not be replied to right away especially if you're emailing a VIP. However, you should also do your due follow-up to make sure he did get it the first time and if not, it allows you to remind him about it. If you do not receive a. Meeting Minutes can be defined as written or recorded documentation that is used to inform people of what happened during the meeting and take action for the specific agenda. To write effective meeting minutes you should include every detail about your meeting agenda, participation, chairperson because each area has their different work agenda for easy reading and you can add your information. Meeting Minutes Template Excel is one of the most important tasks in project development life cycle.Minutes of meeting excel template (MOM) is used to jot-down all the points discussed in the project initiation meeting. And It helps both developer and clients to record the requirements and to confirm the project requirement is clear at both sides QM Learning: Learn how to create/design/make a basic meeting minutes document/template using Microsoft Word.Topics covered include:• Page Setup• Apply Styles..

Meeting Request Email: In the daily work routine meetings are an integral part. Every day there are so many meetings that are arranged and held. The person responsible for arranging the meetings is usually occupied with too many things and informing and inviting people is one of the most difficult tasks. In all these cases, writing a meeting request via mail is something that is easy and also. Take the Minutes of a Meeting • Letter Templates and Guidelines. How to write this letter: 1: At the top of the first page, write the name of the organization, the name of the committee (if applicable), the date, the time, and the place. Indicate the purpose of the meeting, the name of the person conducting, and if the group is relatively small, the names of the participants. 2: Record. So, the key rules for crafting a meeting cancellation email template are politeness, timeliness, and reasonableness. 1. Write an email yourself. First of all, do not leave this task to your assistant. It is better to dedicate some time and write it yourself, or at least from your own email address. You can have your assistant remind you to write such an email if you must. If you are new to. This post will help you run more efficient trustee and board meetings with a range of practical tips and free meeting agenda and meeting minutes templates. Building a good board Board meetings are only ever as good as the individuals involved so the first step to running a great meeting is ensuring you have the right people in the room

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Use a minutes template to help keep track of all the important details so you do not miss anything along the way. If you are expected to contribute to the meeting while also taking notes, it may help to use a tape recorder so you can go back and make sure you have included all of the most important information. 5. Get your notes approved. After you type up your minutes, the next step is to. The Minutes of Meeting (MoM) is a written report, which summarizes a meeting or hearing. The MoM (Also called Meeting Minutes Template) records the tasks, decisions, attendees, and other vital information conveyed during the meeting/hearing. It is not a transcript of the meeting and doesn't record all of what was said. The MoM is typically dictated by the meetings' chair during the session and. Diligent Minutes Enables Good Governance. Diligent Minutes is built for the manager of the minutes process to streamline their workflow before, during, and after the meeting.. Create minutes from scratch or start from an existing book and have lists of attendees, dates and meeting topics added automatically to the minutes template Set a timer for 3 minutes before your meeting is scheduled to end. This provides enough time to tie up loose ends and decide whether a follow-up meeting is necessary. LinkedIn. Twitter. Facebook. Start using the power of Yesware today. Reach more leads, book more meetings, and close more deals while doing a lot less work. Try Free. Get expert sales tips straight to your inbox and win more. Nov 6, 2014 - Choose from thousands of free Microsoft Office templates for every event or occasion. Jump start your school, work, or family project and save time with a professionally designed Word, Excel, PowerPoint template that's a perfect fit

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Non-profit meeting minutes allow an organization to properly document the significant items of discussion during a regularly scheduled board or member meeting. Not-for-profit organizations are encouraged to outline the minutes by following their meeting agenda and with all attendees following Robert's Rules of Order in order to maintain a civil discourse For most projects, a status meeting should never take longer than 1 hours. 30 minutes on a weekly basis should cut it for most projects of low-medium size and complexity. A quick tip: Distribute meeting agenda well in advances (a day or longer). Sending out agenda just before the meeting is starting, at the meeting or not at all(!) will create frustration among meeting participants. The minutes of a shareholders' meeting are a written record of any actions or decisions, known as resolutions in company law, made during a meeting of a corporation's shareholders. The minutes are recorded in the corporate minute book, which should contain the historic notes from every meeting including resolutions, appointments of officers, and any other actions made by the shareholders

Our strata meeting minutes template lists all of the key items that you need to document during a meeting. It can help you identify what needs to be recorded, and what can be left out. Use this template to create a uniform system for notetaking. Keep your minutes organized, and spend less time editing and revising them. Strata Letter of Authorization Template . The Strata Title Act requires. For meeting minutes before February 2008, contact HICPAC Committee Management. 2020. March 5, 2020 Meeting Transcript pdf icon [PDF - 42 pages] June 4, 2020 Meeting Transcript pdf icon [PDF - 31 pages] 2019. May 16-17, 2019 Meeting Minutes pdf icon [PDF - 126 pages] August 20, 2019 Teleconference Transcript pdf icon [PDF - 42 pages] November 14-15, 2019 Meeting Minutes pdf icon [PDF.

Meeting minutes showcase the work accomplished by groups or committees. Timely and accurate documentation not only reflects the past and present state, but also helps to establish the course for future actions. Essentials for meeting minutes. Professional meeting minutes usually include the following, which correspond with agenda items Examples of meeting minutes template. Depending on the type of meeting you'll want to structure your meeting minutes differently. Below is an example of minutes items for an informal meeting. You can also discover fully customizable meetings notes templates. ‍ ‍ Finalizing the meeting minutes. You should wrap-up your notes right after the meeting, while it's still fresh in your mind.

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  1. utes templates for a wide variety of meetings. Best of all is.
  2. utes templates can be downloaded for free, but you will be subject to the license agreement below. Each of these templates is theme-enabled, meaning that you can go to Page Layout > Themes and choose a new color scheme or font combination. License: Private Use Required: Microsoft Word® 2007 or.
  3. utes provides a written record of what was agreed at a meeting. Good meeting
  4. utes template. If you're unsure of what information to include, here's a meeting
  5. utes provide structure: There is no standardized format for meeting
  6. Meeting request email templates Personalize Your Request (With Examples) Personalization is one of the most powerful (and free!) tools in your sales arsenal. Not only do B2B buyers respond to personalization, they've also come to expect it. More than 80% of buyers want brands to get to know them, while 87% say that personalization positively impacts how they perceive a company. Here are some.
  7. utes from your busy to schedule to ask you few questions about [some topic]. Please indicate a convenient date and time and I shall make all the necessary arrangements. Thank you very much in advance. Looking forward to your affirmative response. Sincerely, Email.
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Send Meeting Minutes After the Meeting. No matter what the outcome was, always send a thank you email after the meeting. Your aim should be to ensure that everyone who attended the meeting was pleased with the venue, the refreshments and topics that were discussed. This is also a great time to send the meeting minutes, so everyone is on the same page about what was discussed and the outcome. Meeting minutes are important because they are used to document the key issues raised during a meeting. For example, effective minutes can state the approaches that were proposed to solve a particular problem and the main reason why members choose one method over the other. The minutes of the meeting can be recorded manually or on an electronic device such as a laptop or iPad. After the.

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  1. utes Promise! [Link or CTA to survey] Cheers, [Company name] Customer satisfaction email template - open-ended questions. A customer satisfaction email is different from the survey email due to the nature of the information you receive. In here, you will not send a survey. Instead, you will ask an open-ended question. As such, you will likely receive fewer results.
  2. der Email Template Samples Formal email re
  3. d the recipient of deadlines and/or the date of the next meeting. Guidelines. This letter is a re

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Template from: Heather R Morgan, writing for Hubspot This template reportedly generated a 57% open rate and a 21% response rate, likely because: The subject line highlights an attractive proposition, but leaves enough to the imagination to make the recipient want to open the email and learn more. It very quickly describes what the sender can offer the prospect (100 new customers) and what they. This meeting minutes template makes documenting all meeting topics quick and easy. Use this section to record the meeting date in this template for record-keeping. This meeting minutes document is intended to record the topics and results of the meeting between the listed attendees taking place on meeting date. Attendees . Including all Members and Guests scheduled for participation. Name. And yes, this includes keeping meeting minutes. You don't have to actually talk to yourself aloud in a room if you're the only person at a meeting, but you do need to document your major decisions. Our free first meeting minute template can help you ensure you're keeping these important records

We do not spam or share your email address with others. Meeting Minutes Template. Meeting Objectives. State in one or two sentences the overall purpose and objective of the meeting (you can copy this from your meeting agenda). Use the following project meeting minutes template as a guide. Action Item Review. In the meeting the first item on the agenda was to review the action items from. Having a standardized meeting template for Outlook makes it much easier to create and distribute an effective agenda for a Great Meeting. Step 1 Create Meeting To create the meeting in Outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016: • Click on Calendar at the bottom left of Outlook • Click on the Home tab > New Meeting command in the Quick Access Toolbar Step 2 Add Content The following is text you can paste. It is also similar to the minutes of meetings as in meetings the important points are noted in the minutes of meeting agenda the daily scrum template used by PM project managers for notes taking purposes. In this template, the agenda points, important points, and topics to discuss must be written to facilitate meetings and its timings. Details. File Format. PDF. Size: (35 KB) Download. Daily.

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Now, without further ado: here are five (and one bonus) e-mail templates you can steal Follow-up Email After Networking: Subject line: Have you ever heard of [recommendation] for [problem]? Hi [contact name], It was great meeting you at [event name]. I'm [insert a little bit about you here-name, company, etc.]. I checked out your blog after [event name] and really loved your perspective o This staff meeting minutes template will help keep meetings organized and on schedule. There is room for the meeting agenda to be outlined in detail, and a time frame can be allocated for each agenda item. Issues raised in previous meetings can be addressed along with new agenda items and information on staff trainings. You can also note which staff members are attending the meeting and who is.

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Alternatively, you might want to pass your meeting minutes template around during a break to get everyone's names and signatures. Remember that this will only be efficient for small meetings with a manageable number of people. 5. Document the agenda as headings in your notes. Before the meeting starts, note down the agenda. Write them as headings on your notebook pages, with room below for. Meeting minutes should contain the substance of the meeting in sufficient detail such that a person who did not attend the meeting will know what occurred in the meeting. Add photos and markups to documents and photos to illustrate and clarify items . Remember, sad but true, that a lot of people scan meeting notes and field reports and only pay attention to (and react to) photos. Marked up. The construction meeting minutes example you see below highlights what your meeting minutes template and structure could look like. You can organise your minutes in whatever way suits you and your projects, but we have seen a lot of benefits to organising it in terms of your functions e.g admin, safety, design etc 1Find a template that you can use as a formatting guide when starting the development of your own business meeting minutes. 2Create a header and a title or subject line so you can identify the particular meeting where the business meeting minutes will be used. 3List down all the standard information that are commonly seen in a business meeting minutes as specified on the discussion above.

Use this template when recording minutes for a meeting of your charity's governing body - for example, its board or committee. This template is an example only. Check your charity's rules and any legislation that applies to it to find out whether you need to make any changes to this template before using it Below are examples business owners can use as templates for meeting minutes and written actions in an LLC or corporation. Business laws in the United States require a business owner to follow certain formalities to avoid piercing the corporate veil. In an LLC, this is referred to as piercing the limited liability shield. In other words, for a business owner to avoid being held personally. Meeting Minutes - How to write meeting minutes. Minutes for a company or also known as minutes of a meeting are official accounts of the discussion or decisions made during board meetings. Minutes of a meeting are usually taken during formal meetings when the stakeholders of the company are present. They are usually recorded by the company's secretary or an individual that was formally. Weekly Meeting Agenda Template: Free Download. Click Here to Download Weekly Meeting Agenda Template DOCX —————————————————————————-Templates on Status Platform: Edit and use this template. ProsperForms — set up a form and start receiving submissions from your colleagues in minutes. 100+ forms available: reports, logs, requests, etc. or build.

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This Meeting Minutes template can be used for Board of Directors' meetings, Shareholders' Meetings, unincorporated group or association meetings, or any other meeting that requires a formal minutes document. Meeting minutes are essentially a written memorandum of what happened at a meeting. They contain information about the logistics of the meeting - such as where, what time, and in what. 5 demo meeting invitation email templates 1. Online software demo invitation letter after contact. Re: Our call yesterday. Hi [Prospect name],[Your name] here. [We had an interesting chat on the phone yesterday]. [Thanks for taking the time to evaluate our product]. I think Acme's software solution is in a good position to meet your current needs. As we discussed, the next step would be a. interview call letter format doc , Author: DocPro Legal is a team of legal professionals with a passion for making quality documents and legal contract templates widely available to the public through cutting edge technology. Our lawyers are qualified in numerous common law jurisdictions including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore and Hong Kong. We have. 4 minute read. 20 Free Meeting Agenda Templates. A meeting agenda is the list of items that a team of persons you want to discuss and finalize an agenda during a meeting. Persons attending the meeting are usually given the meeting agenda before the meeting, and ideally, this should be at least 24 hours in advance. This gives every individual scheduled to be in the meeting with adequate time to. Thank You Email Templates. We've created some great thank you email after meeting templates that you can copy and use. Remember, some of these templates will have fields in them that you will need to modify and fill out to suit your needs. Hi <name>, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for meeting with me on <day>. I have to say, I absolutely.

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